Val d’Isère

Imagine yourself with us here at 1850 metres, in the resort of Val d’Isère, at the heart of the Espace Killy, the most exceptional ski area of the Savoie’s Northern Alpes. No room here for pretentiousness, Val d’Isère extends its warmest welcome to the true lover of the mountains, here with us to cultivate a taste for life’s essentials and to enjoy all the mountains have to offer, be it barrelling down snow-clad slopes in the winter, hiking out across the mountains once the snow retreats, enjoying a bird’s eye view from a paraglider or the rush and tumble of a rafting trip down the Isère.

From its central location the Ormelune looks out to the North over the convivial village centre with its cheerful boutiques, bars and restaurants and on the southern side gazes out towards the Face de Bellevarde, Val d’Isère’s impressive Olympic ski run, a feast for the eyes from dawn to dark. The ski lifts are a short walk away and the French Ski School is just across the street.